The mission of The Goggio Family Foundation is to transform lives and strengthen communities by fostering innovation, creating knowledge, and promoting social progress.


Philanthropy plays an essential role in easing suffering and advancing positive change. As a small family foundation, we seek ways to leverage our resources to make a difference in a world of many needs. The Goggio Family Foundation respects the dignity of all people, believes in the power of ideas to transform society, values education and knowledge-sharing, and has confidence in the potential to create a better world. To fulfill its mission, the Foundation has developed the following program areas:

The Community Development and Social Change Program promotes social progress and sustainable economic development through advances in science, health, arts, and technology. We are concerned about the needs of low-income and disadvantaged individuals and communities. We seek ways to support leadership development, community empowerment, and economic development where it is most needed.

The Environmental Preservation Program supports technology innovation, education, and action around issues of energy, climate change, and strategies for the protection, restoration, and sustainable management of ecosystems. An area of interest is promoting consensus building among government, business, and non-governmental organizations aimed at improving environmental policies.

The Educational Program encourages the attainment of knowledge and skills, and the practice of responsible citizenship through access to learning opportunities. The Foundation provides support for innovative programs to develop leadership skills, provide support to at-risk and/or disenfranchised youth, and support programs that promote academic excellence, artistic expression, and critical thinking. There is particular interest in programs for students from under-served communities, and for teachers to improve their own capabilities and performance.