Grantees are required to submit an Interim Narrative Report and Interim Financial Report by June 1st of the year of funding and a Final Narrative Report and Final Financial Report on November 1st.

Narrative Reports

A brief description of your organization's accomplishments during the reporting period. Note where these differed from what you envisioned in your initial proposal (if applicable). Report on progress towards the goals outlined in your proposal. Indicate the impact of Goggio Family Foundation funding. Alert us to any major organizational changes. Maximum 1,500 words.

Financial Reports

Submit the project budget (or the organization budget if there is no separate project budget) with the original budget amounts, the actual current amount of income and expenses, and the new projected budget amounts if the project is not complete and these numbers have changed. Explain any significant variance from the original budget amounts. Please account specifically for the Foundation's funds.

Matching Requirements/Other Contingencies

If the grant has matching requirements or other contingencies, grantees must indicate how these have been met.