Goggio Family

In the early 1900s, Emma and Emilio Goggio settled in Berkeley, California and later in Toronto, Canada, where Emilio had a distinguished career as a professor of Romance Languages at the University of Toronto. He was a leader among Italians in the area. He brought Italian culture and tradition to the community. He greatly enhanced the appreciation of Italians in Canada and elsewhere. He was knighted by the King of Italy for his efforts in promoting the understanding and beauty of Italian culture.

Emma and Emilio Goggio had three children, Alfred, Anita and Ernest, who each led distinguished careers contributing to educational and philanthropic causes. Alfred Goggio was a doctor of cardiology and internal medicine at Alta Bates Medical Center in Berkeley, California. He and his wife Beverly gave generously to medical foundations and were actively involved in the Alta Bates Foundation. Anita Goggio Lannam pursued a life of helping others through her volunteer work and her career as a special education teacher. Ernest Goggio and his wife Connie are well-known contributors to the arts and educational foundations. Ernest established the Goggio Cardiovascular Conference in his brother Alfred’s name. The annual conference hosts medical professionals from around the Bay Area to learn about cutting-edge research on a variety of topics, such as women’s health risks and strategies for battling heart disease. Ernest has also established the Emilio Goggio Chair in Italian Studies at the University of Toronto.